Employee Relief Fund – Hurricame Irma

The Employee Relief  Fund  has now concluded its fund raising efforts.  $112,859.14 was raised and shared with Royal Islander employees…… thank you so much for your support.  Our actual administration costs were just $49 (Bank charges to send the $$$ to St Marten)  and all the rest went to the employees.

First Relief Distribution.      The first distribution of $51,500** was made on Tuesday October 17th 2017 when Ed Misiph, and myself traveled “on our own dime” to the Resort to personally distribute the delivery of your contributions. All employees and folks who are part of the Royal Islander experience (103 folks) received Food vouchers worth US$500. All Tortuga staff,Lobby Bar, Beach Boy, Towel boy, Security Guards were included Many thanks to the management team of Nicola, Nina, Simon, Nelson and John and the staff at the Resort who were so helpful and supportive to us during our stay. ** We should mention through the efforts of management at the Resort we were able to get a 10% top up on these vouchers so our initial distribution of $51,500 in vouchers only cost us just over $46,800 Bravo Nicola Induni CEO for your work on this.

This was a very moving experience for both Ed and myself. Almost all staff came to a luncheon prepared by the Resort and we personally presented to every employee their envelope which contained 20 x $25 food vouchers plus there share of the 260 Ibs of clothing T Shirts etc.. that we brought with us. It was “hugs” and “hand shakes “ and many of the employees were moved to tears as they accepted our aid and wanted to express their heartfelt thanks over and over to the owners whom donated on their behalf. These folks are very proud and determined people whom have a significant challenge ahead of them and need our support.

Second Distribution was made on Dec 15th 2017
The 2nd distribution was $500 in 10 x $50 vouchers for a local St Maarten business Kwik Bargains and Kwik Ideas. Kishore Mirchandani, the owner agreed to give us 10% discount on all appliances and furniture and 15% discount on household items. For the staff who have lost everything this was an ideal way to assist them in refurbishing their homes. Home shopping for the holidays, the staff was very thankful excited. We want to thank again the management team of Nicola, Simon, Nelson John and most especially Nina Persaud for negotiating this arrangement who have been so helpful and supportive on helping us share this aid. Special thanks to Ed Misiph & 30 year La Plage visitor Denise Gilligan who traveled, at there own personal expense to the Resort to present these vouchers on your behalf.

Third Distribution has being distributed to the employees Jan 25 2018

Shelley Dull, an owner from Staunton, VA has done a truly outstanding job of putting together a voluntary shipment of 4,000 lbs. of materials. That is two ton’s ! The shipment contains lots of clothing for all sizes, babies to adult, girls and boys, men and women. shoes. nonperishable food, limited medical supplies (Advil, band aids, Neosporin). Toys for kids, household items, bedding, sheets, blankets, some pillows, towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, women’s hygiene products, a few full sets of dishes, pots and pans, strollers, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, about 20 flashlights, curtains, sheets, socks, light jackets, a portable grill, tarps and bungee cords plus other too numerous to mention. She received tremendous support from friends and neighbors and her hubby plus went about some very aggressive purchasing through her local stores. With Shelley’s help we purchased 83 pairs of running shoes for $570 which was added to the shipment. Her efforts were truly exceptional. We have paid the shipment costs of $4574 from our fund-raising funds.     Please email her at Shelley.Dull@sprint.com and say thank you.

4th Distribution 

Ed & Adrienne  Misiph  supplied  a number of the Resorts   employees while on the Island in the spring  with some personal shopping or as Ed says  “not high fashion but best & practical clothing”   that was well received by those eleven employee’s.

Fitth Distribution

Based on a list of employees to be provided to us by the Resort the remaining undistributed funds will be  divided equally and personally presented to them  by Ed Misiph in December 2018 on his annual vacation .