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Advertising and Payment Information

Cost per Advertisement where we handle the transaction is (Max 30 words) is US$25 for placement each week up to six months and $35 for one year and covers placement on our Web Site.

Cost per Advertisement where you handle all matters is (Max 30 words) is US$30 for placement for up to three months, $40 for 6 months and $50 for one year  and covers placement on our Web Site.

For multi-week listings please contact us for price.

For ease of reference, all advertising listings are in Week Number order  The "RIOTG" can assist you, the owner, by acting on your behalf and completing the rental or sale request. This way your privacy is assured and protected from undesirable solicitation calls. However, if requested, we will publish your direct contact number.

If you are interested in an Advertisement that doesn't have a direct contact number, you must contact the "RIOTG".  You can fax, call and leave a message, or e-mail us.

The "RIOTG" acts simply as an "agent" between the Owner and the renter and in the event unforeseen circumstances arise and the Units are not available then the resolution of such matters is between the Owner and the renting party. However to protect the renting party the "RIOTG" does not release rental "trust funds" until the rental arrangement contracted for has been completed as agreed between the parties and therefore are able to return rental fees should such an arrangement breakdown. Our liability on any rental arrangement is limited to the value of that rental arrangement.

We are able to act on behalf of parties buying and selling timeshare through the "RIOTG" and we can complete such transactions. We have handled such transactions seamlessly for over 25 years now It is strongly recommended all buy/sells be handled through an independent third party for the protection of both buyer and seller

Advertising Contact Owner Direct

Where we handle arrangements

Where you handle arrangements

Miscellaneous payments

Advertising Fee RIOTG to manage