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The Timeshare Owners Group was founded in 1996 and has grown to over two thousand  active members who have ownership rights at the Royal Islander St. Maarten Resort. On our Web Site, you can keep up to date on our Resort, review timeshare issues from the owners point of view, learn why we started our group and our objectives.

You are welcome to use the information contained on our website and we recommend you also refer to the Resorts updated web site at where we hope the majority of the questions you have can be answered. Throughout the pages of our web site, you will find a great deal of useful information. Those looking to rent or sell will want to check out our Listings section. You will find information on local attractions, events, restaurants etc. and links to helpful online information about Timesharing

Update  December 9th  2017.

 Here is the current status from the Royal Islander Club.

‘Unfortunately due to the severity of the damages sustained by hurricane Irma , Royal Islander Club La Plage and La Terrasse is closed until further notice for renovations.

The Resort has yet  to advise an official re-opening date which will be posted once announced

Hurricane Irma Damage at the Royal Islander Resort and the Island of St Maarten

 Employee Relief Fund  raised to December 9th 2017. $106,099  thank you

First Relief Distribution.   The  first distribution of $51,500** was  made on Tuesday October 17th 2017 when Ed Misiph,  and myself traveled “on our own dime” to the Resort to personally distribute the delivery of your contributions.   All employees and folks who are part of the Royal Islander experience (103 folks) received Food vouchers worth US$500. All Tortuga staff,Lobby Bar, Beach Boy, Towel boy, Security Guards were included  Many thanks  to the management team of Nicola, Nina, Simon, Nelson and John and the staff at the Resort who were so helpful and supportive to us during our stay. ** We should mention through the efforts of management at the Resort we were able to get a 10% top up on these vouchers so our initial distribution of $51,500 in vouchers only cost us just over $46,800   Bravo Nicola Induni CEO for your work on this

This was a very moving experience for both Ed and myself.   Pictures below  Almost all staff came to a luncheon prepared by the Resort and we personally presented to every employee  their envelope which contained 20 x $25 food vouchers plus there share of the 260 Ibs of clothing T Shirts etc.. that we brought with us.   It was “hugs” and “hand shakes “ and many of the employees were moved to tears as they accepted our aid and wanted to express their heartfelt thanks over and over to the owners whom donated on their behalf. These folks are very proud and determined people whom have a significant challenge ahead of them and need our support.

Radio Interview  

You  can listen by clicking on

PS  Ed is the guy on the left !

Second Distribution underway  Dec 6 2017

The 2nd distribution will be made over the next 10 days and will be $500 in 10 x $50 vouchers for a local St Maarten business   Kwik Bargains and Kwik Ideas.   Kishore  Mirchandani, the owner  has agreed to give us 10% discount on all appliances and furniture and 15% discount on  household items. For the staff who have lost everything this will be the ideal way to assist them in refurbishing their homes. Home shopping for the holidays, the staff is quite excited.  We want to thank again the management team of Nicola, Simon, Nelson  John and most especially Nina Persaud for negotiating this arrangement who have been so helpful and supportive on helping us share this aid.   Special thanks  to Ed Misiph who has agreed to travel, at his own personal expense,  to the Resort to present these vouchers on your behalf.  

Third Distribution en route to the Resort via boat and promised to arrive December  24th 2017.

Shelley Dull, an owner from Staunton, VA has done a truly outstanding job of putting together a voluntary shipment of 4,000 lbs. of materials. That is two ton’s !  The shipment contains lots of clothing for all sizes, babies to adult, girls and boys, men and women. shoes. nonperishable food, limited medical supplies (Advil, band aids, Neosporin). Toys for kids, household items, bedding, sheets, blankets, some pillows, towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, women’s hygiene products, a few full sets of dishes, pots and pans, strollers, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, about 20 flashlights, curtains, sheets, socks, light jackets, a portable grill, tarps and bungee cords plus other too numerous to mention. She received tremendous support from friends and neighbors and her hubby plus went about some very aggressive purchasing through her local stores. With Shelley’s help we purchased 83 pairs of running shoes for $570 which was added to the shipment. Her efforts were truly exceptional. We will be paying the shipment costs on these relief supplies estimated at around $4,000 from our fund-raising funds Please email her at and say thank you.

The Resort has named The Royal Islander Timeshare Owners Group as the official fundraiser for them and the "RIOTG"  is coordinating collecting these funds both for the employees of the Resort and others who work at the “Islander” and who make our total experience at the Resort so great !  All Tortuga staff,Lobby Bar, Beach Boy, Towel boy Guards are included    I pledge that all donations will be acknowledged by myself.

You may also donate by mailing a check payable to “Royal Islander Employee Relief Fund”.  

Mail to:  Richard  March, 362 Tuscany Crescent, Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 4W6 Canada

Please share with anybody who owns at the Resort 
Richard March at the Royal Islander Timeshare Owners Group Cell 519 819 4733  Call me anytime Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm

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If you do not subscribe to Facebook here are the the most important announcements by the RIC and the Owners Group (most recent first)     Royal Islander St Maarten Website

Update by the Owners Association                         Sept 23 2017

This is my understanding Weeks 36 to 52 FOR Whole week ownership


Update by the Owners Association  to the RIC post today Sept 22 2.25pm

After a review the announcement this morning from the Resort it did not cover all issues with respect to whole week owners and non RCI members. We have contacted the Resort to ask why owners cannot roll over there fees to next year as was done in 2005. Anyway they are looking at and an updated will be forthcoming I am told so lets see what the response is

Royal Islander Club Update For weeks 36-52 members impacted by Hurricane Irma  September 22, 2017

Dear Members, Guests and Friends of Royal Islander Club:

Our professional team is working together with the insurance adjusters to assess the full extent of the damages at the Royal Islander Club La Plage & La Terrasse in an effort to formulate a plan of action. This process had to be redone again after the passing of Hurricane Maria that brought severe water damage.

We are happy to report that we are able to start a massive cleanup of major debris in and around the property and surrounding areas. We will continue to work tirelessly for you, and will update you as soon as we receive new information.

To keep you abreast of the progress, we are in the process of setting up an online portal in which we will share images of the pictures of the resort and surrounding areas.


Due to the closing of the resort, weeks 36-52 members please proceed and deposit your week with RCI. This week can be used to exchange at your will within the RCI catalogue of resorts.

For all RCI Points Members who have made their home week reservation for weeks 39-52, please call RCI and un-reserve your home week. Your annual allotment of points will be returned to your account.

We would like to thank our staff and volunteers that performed at the highest levels prior, during and after the hurricane.  As you may have seen in the videos and images shared in various media outlets and on social media, the severity of the devastation of the storm has left many of our staff homeless and we stand beside them at this crucial time helping them to rebuild their lives.

Our heartfelt thank you to our members for your generous contribution to the Employee Relief Fund organized by Mr. Richard March.

Thank you again for your outpour of love and support. We appreciate it.  We can’t wait to welcome you back to your home away from home.

The Management Royal Islander club- la Plage and La Terrasse

Royal Islander Club Update     Closed through the end of 2017                                September 16, 2017

Dear Members, Guests and Friends of Royal Islander Club,

Unfortunately, due to the catastrophic destruction that Hurricane Irma brought to our beloved friendly island, Royal Islander Club La Plage and La Terrasse will be closed through the end of 2017. From time to time, we will update you on the progress of the renovations and expected opening dates of your home away from home.

Best wishes, Management of La Plage and La Terrasse

Royal Islander Club Update The official site to collect relief funds is September 16, 2017

Please be advised that Mr. Arent Brink is no longer General Manager nor is he affiliated with Royal Islander Club, therefore he is not representing us in any capacity. We are aware that Mr. Brink is attempting to collect relief funds, however we have set up an official site for collection which is Thank you very much!

Royal Islander Club Update     Statement From Royal Islander Club Sint Maarten Regarding Hurricane Irma                                                                                                                   September 14, 2017

Royal Islander Club Sint Maarten confirms that no harm or causalities occurred during the storm to members or staff. We can also confirm that all members have been safely evacuated off the island. At this time, we are currently assessing and evaluating the damage and will revert with updates soon. Please know what we are thinking of all of our members, staff and owners, and everyone on our beloved island of Sint Maarten. Please also refer to our Facebook page for updates.

Funds Distributed to December 9 2017 $92,300